The Company


Our story began 50 years ago, and it was around 1970 that the massive production of plastic bottles and the inevitable pollution resulting from it began. What distinguishes the bottles from other common plastic objects born in the consumerist era is the exorbitant speed with which they have transformed from convenience into condemnation for the planet. A transition that took place within just one generation.

When the harmful and harmful effects of single-use plastic were still unknown, we invented one of the first domestic means to combat it, creating an eco-sustainable and economical alternative, to be applied comfortably independently to your home tap.

All this was possible thanks to our patent, which allowed us to be unique and to the collaboration with the University of Milan.

Our AquaCompact filter began to take hold in the sinks of Italians, the customer was initially driven by comfort and strong savings. It will take several years, in fact, for the ecological and sustainable aspect of the product to be understood.

Over the years we have expanded our range of filters in order to offer more and more possibilities and reach every point of use in the home.

Our choice to always remain “made in Italy” makes us proud and strong in our traditions but also innovative, we live every day with the commitment to make people aware that Km0 filtered water is the right choice, for themselves and for our planet.

In compliance with all current regulations, we are always attentive to the continuous change in the complex world of water and its filtration.

What sets us apart

The principle of our patent against bacterial proliferation is very simple, it was enough for us to observe and learn from our ancestors.

The ancient Egyptians used to undertake long journeys in arid territories and during these stretches the water remained closed in large containers, similar to our canisters, for several days under the sun, allowing bacteria and germs to grow and proliferate. The innovation took place precisely from this necessity; they began to insert silver spheres inside these containers, discovering that not only the water remained more pleasant to taste and smell, but that it no longer caused the various problems related to bacterial proliferation.

This is why, in 1970, the founder of Aquasan devised a disc, similar in principle to the spheres of the Egyptians, capable of sterilizing the activated charcoal filter inside the cartridge, blocking bacterial proliferation which, as a rule, occurs naturally. – lies in contact of the filter coals with the water.

This combination has given life to a practical, economical, ecological and sustainable filtering system, able to guarantee good and healthy water, filtered of the main pollutants (such as metals, chlorine, pesticides and much more) and, as it turned out over the years, even from microplastics.