Under Sink Kit

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Il kit sottolavello AquaDirect contiene tutto l’occorrente per un’installazione semplice e veloce del filtro sotto il lavello di casa, incluso l’esclusivo rubinetto monovia American Style e contalitri elettronico.

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The purchase of this product contributes to donating a health screening to an inhabitant of the Amazon with the Amazonia ONLUS project "The boat of health".

The AquaDirect under sink kit contains everything needed for quick and easy installation of the filter under the sink at home, including the exclusive American Style one-way tap and electronic liter-counter.

The composite structure filter is the concrete and effective solution to refine drinking water for drinking and cooking, with a high degree of filtration (0.5 micron). AquaDirect does not alter the mineral salts present in the water which are essential for proper hydration.

The filtration kit complies with Ministerial Decree 25/12 with composite structure cartridge, powder activated carbon, microfiltering membrane and patented antibacterial silver device.

The cartridge has an autonomy of about 6 months of use, filtering up to 5000 liters.

-Through the combined action of the membrane and the activated carbon, it guarantees a high degree of filtration (0.5 micron) and with the consequent removal of all suspended particles (sand, microplastic fibers, pesticides, sediments, heavy metals, rust and any encrustations in the pipes)

  • The filter guarantees the removal of excess chlorine and many other organic compounds, keeping the mineral salts unaltered.
  • The filter performs an important bacteriostatic action carried out by the patented silver system.
  • The filter when used correctly is capable of filtering up to 5,000 liters at 0.5 microns.

Additional information

Durata Filtri (litri)


The multi-filter, when used correctly, is capable of filtering the following materials;

1) Chlorine Cl12 60% 2) Iron Fe 17% 3) MICROPLASTICS 0.5 µm 4) Turbidity 38% 5) Copper Cu 12% 6) Lead Pb 7) Zinc Zn 20% 8) Sand, Rust> 0.5µm 9 ) Heavy metals, Algae> µm 10) Suspended materials> 0.5µm

The replacement of the cartridge can be done completely autonomously.

For installation it may be necessary to contact a specialized technician.