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AquaSweet is the anti-limescale and anti-chlorine shower and bath filter that allows you to immediately have fresh and clean water for your body care, preventing the shower head from clogging, freeing the walls from limescale and leaving your skin less stressed and softer.

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The purchase of this product contributes to donating a health screening to an inhabitant of the Amazon with the Amazonia ONLUS project "The boat of health".

Like all AQUASAN products, AquaSweet has a patented silver 999 disc against bacterial proliferation, which makes it particularly suitable for delicate and sensitive skin.

The life of the cartridge is about 3 months of effective use, the filtration is 1000lt.

Very easy to install.

Ideal for sensitive skin.

Filters sand, chlorine, microplastics, limescale, metal sediments, rust, algae film and suspended materials.

Works with hot and cold water.

Complies with Italian Ministerial Decree no. 25 of 07/02/2012.

Additional information

Durata Filtri (mesi)

Input: 1/2 F
Outlet: 1/2 M
Min/max pressure: 2bar/5bar
Maximum temperature: 70°C
Mechanical filter: 10µm
Adsorbent filter: Active carbon + felt
Cartridge life: 2 months
Dimensions: h. 12cm; w. 7cm; d. 7cm
Net weight: 210 g
Antibacterial System: Silver 999 patented system
Filters: Sand, Chlorine, Limescale, Rust, Algae Film, Turbidity, Metal Sediment and all suspended materials larger than 5-10µm