AquaDirect Cartridge

Single Cartridge

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The AquaDirect filter is capable of filtering up to 5,000 litres at 0.5µm, approximately 6 months of use.

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The purchase of this product contributes to donating a health screening to an inhabitant of the Amazon with the Amazonia ONLUS project "The boat of health".

Maximum use is 12 months.

Max. pressure: 10 bar

Maximum temperature: 35°c

The multifilter, if used correctly, is able to filter the following materials;

1) Chlorine Cl12 60% 2) Iron Fe 17% 3) MICROPLASTICS 0,5 µm 4) Turbidity 38% 5) Copper Cu 12% 6) Lead Pb 7) Zinc Zn 20% 8) Sand, Rust >0,5µm 9) Heavy Metals, Algae >µm 10) Suspended materials >0,5µm

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Durata Filtri (litri)